Weekly Box Scheme

Weekly Box Scheme

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Description: Your choice of Veg Box delivered to your door for FREE each week. You don't have to pay now either! Standard Veg, Large Veg or Mixed Fruit & Veg Boxes Available

From only £12.50 GBP per week one of our drivers will deliver a selection of seasonal and standard vegetables, fruit and salad to your door each week. A typical standard box would contain a selection of root vegetables such as potatoes, carrots, onions and parsnips. In addition there could be fruit such as apples, bananas and pears as well as  fresh salad must-haves such as lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes.

The contents of the box are reviewed each week to bring you the very best of the season so that you can be sure your weekly Organic Selection will contain fresh, wholesome and flavoursome produce.

You may cancel at any time and remember - you don't pay until the goods are delivered and you are happy!

Your Veg Box Choices:  

  • Standard Veg Box - £12.50
  • Large Veg Box - £18.00
  • Mixed Fruit & Veg Box - £20.00

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Starting with a Box Scheme you can have a selection of the season delivered to your door each week. Or you can choose your own box by selecting the various choices of Vegetables, Fruit, Salad and Groceries from our lists.

We ask for no money now!


Box Scheme Vegetables Salads Fruit Groceries
Box Scheme Vegetables Salad Fruit Groceries



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